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I've been so busy with school and.... certain things that I have seemed to have lost some people along the way.

Now... it's kind of lonely here, ne?

[Filter: Shige BUT Shige fails and didn't filter properly]
I guess I should have known that it couldn't last with... Tadayoshi-kun. I didn't even get the chance to really experience my time with him as openly as I wanted. I haven't been able to see him very much, heck, I haven't seen my own roommate and necessary peers. I wonder if I'm cut out to be dorm head anymore.

I did mention to Takeru-kun that I can't continue working for him later on. I gave him my 2 weeks notice. I have more stuff to work on for getting ready for college. Did I mention that I got in Meiji and I accepted it? Now... I just don't know how i can think about paying for it.

I met Shiori at the bar again over the weekend. I've been able to talk to her more and more and was even able to get her number. However... I can't really bring myself to messaging her. I think I should be seeing her again tomorrow night. I hope I will.

February 4th 2008, Monday

Ano... does anyone need a partner for the 3rd year project in home economics?

I kind of realized that much of the other students who I'd really consider for me to approach are either already possibly paired or... younger than me. Does this mean I can't find close friends with others my own age...?
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[OOC] History, Present, and Contact (+Plot?)

This is just to work out some of Shige's kinks for my memory and possibly for those who are new or not familiar with Shige. Well, that's only if you care to read about it. However, if you never plan on your muse going anywhere near Shige, then feel free to ignore! :D
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Here's some contact info, yo, if you haven't checked out the post in the OOC comm.
Name: Alkoi
MSN: [This is my primary form of contact. Just pop me a message anytime, yo. I ain't a biter. I'm SHY! DX]
AIM: SchwarzKitsune [You gotta poke me hard, but not too hard, please. I do go on it but very rarely! Just tell me and I'll sign on, no problem.
Yahoo: [I almost NEVER go on this one but I do have it! You might need to stab me to get on this.]

I'm open to any plotties! My muse is MAD BORED sometimes. Even if it's to do silly one-on-one -insert Koki rap- crackchats of random shit, prease do! Even one-night-stand rps are cool for me... cause I like them. XD Even my whore!Shige on the side needs some fun, but just to satisfy my boredom.

I'm nothing like Shige and Shige's nothing like me so~ I think that's a good sign for me and my muse.

I also realized that I may be the worst person to write about Shige after I read over some of the shit I wrote. I'm sorry? Prease not to hate on me. XD I'm a good person really! [Until I get bored. D<]
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Saturday, January 18th 2008; Late Evening

Hm, this semester I've decided to stay at the dorms over the weekends nowadays, I won't really have a reason to travel back and forth to either my Tokyo or Osaka household. I'm here whenever anyone needs unless things come up.

Like... tonight.

I guess this is more of a message to Kusano-kun.

I'm going out tonight and I should be back Sunday morning or so. I just have some business to take care of. I'll see you then and the room and dorm in one piece hopefully.

And, I think I have an idea for what to do for Valentine's day. I might need the headmaster's approval but I feel that it should be fun if not only Dorm 3 but the rest of the school participate.
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Sunday, January 6th 2008

Welcome back to Osaka High! There's been a new round of transfer students and I'm fortunate enough to have some of them residing in Dorm 3. I haven't had the opportunity to meet with all of them yet, but, as Dorm 3's dorm head, please come to me if you need anything!

Other than that... um...
I've been feeling rather ill since I've returned to school. But, I'd like to believe that it was caused by something during the winter break or something...
My break was rather uneventful. I spent most of the time preparing for my admission to university. As much as I'd like to aim high for schools like Meiji or Keio but... I don't know if I'd be able to. In terms of being at home... I was happy to be reunited with Nana~ I'm sorry to my friends whom I haven't kept in contact with during that break. I was kind of busy but I hope all of you had a good time!

I was at the welcoming party for a good amount of time despite my headache at that time. I was glad to have met with Taisuke-kun and HaseJun-kun, whom are both new to the school so, everybody please welcome them!

Kusano... I have barely seen you! Well, I guess it's been okay. i've been able to sleep peacefully.
Kei-chan, how have you been as well? It's been a while, which shouldn't be the case between us~!

I know it may be kind of early, but since I like to often plan ahead, I was thinking of doing something to celebrate Valentine's Day. Anyone have any suggestions?

[filter SHIGE]
I'm glad to be back at school. It gives me a better change in environment compared to what I had to live through at home. I still don't know how to think of it though. It didn't really feel like me during the break. But, I can't let that distract me now that I'm at school.

I have to show them that there are other things I am capable of.
[/filter SHIGE]

Akanishi-kun, please disregard what went on in Kusano's journal. I didn't mean those things I said. I wasn't aware that Kusano was writing those things I was saying and... I wasn't exactly in the best of states at the time. I apologize.
[/filter AKANISHI JIN]
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Thursday; December 20, 2007

It's almost Christmas time!

I'm sorry I haven't updated my journal in a good while. A lot is happening and a lot has been happening.

Everyone has gone out for break right? I hope so! Have fun during these times!

There are some things I have to deal with over the break as well!
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Tuesday; December 4th 2007

My grandparents' so-called present for me is an arranged marriage! They said they found some girl to hook me up with!

KUSANO... the weekend was fun and all.... but I don't feel well! I don't know what made me go in a lake at such painful temperatures. I missed my Monday class because of it! -sniffle-

Anyway, I've narrowed one of my choices to Aoyama Daigaku or Meiji Daigaku. They have really nice Law programs. But, Meiji seems like such a long reach for me, I don't know if I'd be able to get in there. But, I'll only have time to study for so much entrance exams.

The other day, I also got a call from my grandparents. They're jsut complaining how I haven't been calling or visiting much anymore. They also said they got me a special holiday present. That was pretty much it.

I'm sorry if I seem so busy minna-san.

Na, dorm residents, is everyone prepared for winter? But hey, much of you are going to return home for the winter, right?

[Filter: Ohkura]
I really need to make it up to you, for me not being around much at the moment...

[Filter: Kusano and Koyama]
My grandparents' so-called present for me is an arranged marriage! They said they found some girl to hook me up with!
What the hell am I going to do? I just laughed it off to my grandparents. I don't want to disappoint them...
But... AHHH~!
What am I going to tell Tadayoshi...
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Thursday; November 15, 2007

Looks like we have a new addition to Dorm 3. Welcome, Takaki Yuya-kun! Please ignore the silly rumors that run around the dorm. But, if you happen to find something stolen... I might have to explain to you eventually.

I hope minna-san is going alright. Look forward to the holidays that are coming up!

[Filter to: Koyama]
Are things with you an Kawai-sensei doing alright? If you need any intervention~

[Filter to: Kusano]
Um... are you going to be busy on Saturday. It's okay whether you are or not. I'd be coming back from a date that night. You can meet Ohkura-kun if you're going to be there.
I hope your other issues are getting worked out too. Ganbatte.

[Filter to: Ohkura]
Hey, I'm anxious for Saturday. Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm sorry that I'm sometimes always busy on the weekdays.
Also, I can still be your tutor when you need me, okay? :3
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Wednesday; November 07, 2007

[Filter: Private]
Ahh... my heart is still going dokidoki.
It was actually really easy feeling so comfortable with Tadayoshi, given some moments where I just feel like a girl and get all stupidly embarrassed. But, it really isn't any different than a hetero relationship actually. I guess it's just the feeling you get when you're with someone.
Haa, our first date should be this Friday. I feel guilty for making him see a horror movie.

[Filter: Koki]
Arigatou, Koki-kun, but I don't think I'll be needing research for, um... homosexuality anymore. I think I'll just discover it for myself in the meantime.

[Filter: Kusano]
Um, I don't know if Kei-chan already told you, but is it okay if Ohkura-kun sometimes visit our dorm?

Gomen! I've missed so many peoples birthdays that have passed. I hope I don't miss any future ones!

Two months have passed so far since school started. I'm still looking forward to the winter break. I think i'm going to visit some universities during that time.
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Monday; October 29, 2007

I haven't been updating, ne? The past few weeks have just been... a little stressful and confusing. 

But, the haunted house is looking good! Just a few more touch-ups and it should be finished! It's really been getting cold outside, ne?

I decided that I had might as well go to the Halloween party. I don't have a costume, so... I hope I'm not making the wrong decision by letting Kusano-kun and even Kei-chan choose my costume. It better not be silly on me!

Exams... they're here. It shouldn't be too hard to work some studying with the haunted house.

The audiions for the play were today, na? I hope everyone did their best and had their best of luck! I'm beginning to think that I should have taken part in it. But, I think I'm better as a spectator. I can't act.

I'm already beginning to think about Christmas! I want to do something special for the dorm.

[Filter to: Koki and AIba]
I know I'm only saying this now really but...

Please don't include me in anymore of your pranks or bets.

[Filter to: Ohkura]
I'm sorry.

[Filter to: Private]
I don't know what to do.

I've been avoiding him for the longest time. I'm not going to apologize to him on my journal. I need to do it face to face.

I didn't know what to think of Ohkura kissing me just like that. It's been some days since then and I've come to realize how cruel I was in reacting to Ohkura like that. I need to apologize to him. But... I don't know how to feel about him still.

What does it mean if I want to kiss him again...?